Company Profile and Philosophy

D.A. Stafford & Associates Pty Ltd has, since 1999, been providing specialist technical support and advice to clients coming from all sectors of the business world. We recognise that while the "big" end of the business world can throw money at problems to make them go away, the SME marketplace can't afford such an attitude and must have a more effective and efficient means of dealing with them. Most SME's don't require a full-time IT Manager and it makes sense to out-source this function, if possible.

Our aim is to provide our clients with specialised and personalised IT Management without the usual associated overheads. We look after our clients' systems as if they were our own and consider ourselves as members of the team. Their concerns are our concerns.

The common factors amongst our clients has always been:
* a need for technology to help their business;
* a recognition that they don't need full time IT Support but need something;
* a desire to find a trustworthy alternative; and
* a requirement for in-depth technical knowledge & expertise