Looking for a reliable support company?
Have you been let down by your IT support person or company - promises of everything but little actually delivered? This industry has a bit of a reputation in that regard and many of our clients had exactly the same complaint when we first talked to them.
We're different
We do what we say we'll do and we keep our clients
informed if there are any issues in the process.

Looking for an independent support company?
Our clients have often told us that they don't like it when they're being "sold to" - and who can blame them? If it feels like someone is pushing you in a particular direction, they probably are. Are they looking after your best interests or their own? How can you tell?
We're different
If you want advice that's not driven by a desire to sell you products or to meet quotas,
you'll find ours fits the bill. We have our preferred solutions, of course, but they're
based on our experience with them and you can take advantage of that history, too.

Looking for a better return on your IT Investment?
Almost every organisation places heavy reliance on IT to support the normal functions of the business but many companies see IT as a necessary evil, a big hole into which they pour money, rather than an investment. They simply don't see too much advantage coming from what they're spending and sometimes it seems like they're in a never-ending upgrade cycle.
We're different
Our job is to make your investment in IT pay dividends by way of increased efficiency,
faster response, better information and greater reliability. We take responsibility for
the part of the business you don't really want to be doing anyway and free up your
time so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Looking for help solving IT issues so you can progress?
The IT world is becoming more and more complex and the borders between technologies has become blurred. Keeping up with the changes is a full time job and that doesn't leave you much left over for what you need to be doing. Your time is better spent working on your business and doing what you do best
We're different
We're keeping up with the changes anyway and we talk with you about your plans
so that we can make suggestions for how technology can help. We know that
you want to see a return on investment and our strategic thinking will help you do that.

Looking for a way through new technologies?
Is VoIP appropriate for your business? What needs to happen to make it a success? Should you upgrade to Windows 7? Windows 8? What are the benefits? How about Office 2010? Office 2013? What's all this "cloud" stuff?
We're different
We help you choose the right technology for your requirements and get the most out
of what you've already got. Chasing new technologies is not always the best strategy
and sometimes technology isn't the answer at all.

You can stop looking now