Our View of "Cloud"

We are neither pro- nor anti- "cloud". In some situations it makes sense; in some situations it doesn't. There are many things to consider, far beyond any apparent cost savings and we would suggest that those who are contemplating "cloud" or have made the move already should consider such things as the location and legal jurisdiction of where their data resides and carefully examine the terms and conditions of the cloud provider, especially in terms of security, privacy and whose responsibility it is to back up that data.

There are several flavours of cloud and the term is sometimes used interchangeably as if they were all the same.

Here's our simplified explanation:

  • Public Cloud e.g. Google Apps, Office 365
    You take the train, tram or bus everywhere and do not own a car. There are lots of people with you and the route is fixed.
  • Multi-tenant Cloud
    You take a taxi everywhere and do not own a car. Sometimes you have to share your taxi but the route is flexible so you can usually work out how to drop everyone off at the right place, in the right order.
  • Private Cloud (what we used to call Co-Lo)
    You buy a car, maybe even a limo, and keep it in a big parking garage but you have a reserved space. Then you hire a driver who makes sure the car is serviced properly, keeps it fuelled and takes you wherever you want to go. You have to let the driver know when to pick you up.
  • On-premises
    You own a car, keep it in your garage and drive yourself wherever you want to go. You're responsible for all your parking charges and servicing costs and refuelling.